What is the difference between standard air conditioning and an electronically controlled one?

The normal passenger compartment ventilation and heating system has an A / C button and two indicators. One shows the fan speed levels and the other shows a blue / red scale to indicate cold or hot air. The air conditioning and heating temperatures are set by feel. The automatic air-conditioning system has a smooth temperature adjustment using the control panel. The electronics create a microclimate inside the car, regardless of the weather conditions outside. This is a convenient solution because the unit maintains the temperature that we set.

Effectively control the temperature in the car’s cabin

The standard air conditioning system either heats the cabin due to the temperature in the engine cooling system or supplies air from the street. The air conditioner is able to cool this flow depending on the position of the regulator. For automatic installation, simply turn it on and select the desired temperature. Thanks to the sensors, the electronics themselves determine what is needed to maintain the microclimate, whether it is necessary to turn on the air conditioner or open the heater shutter.

The air conditioning control unit not only cools or heats the air, but also removes excess moisture from it. This feature is especially useful when it’s raining outside. It also prevents the windows from fogging up. A car equipped with automatic temperature control costs more than with standard air conditioning. The reason for this is the presence of additional sensors and a complex electronic control unit.

Also, replacing components in such a car can be costly. The new control panel will be quite expensive, but at Air-conditioning – air flow controller we can find used models at a much lower price. We choose the product according to the brand of the car you own. The control units can have two temperature controls on either side of the dashboard, allowing the left and right sides of the car to have different temperature settings. We will also find other control panels that allow you to divide the cabin into three or four zones, where we can individually set the temperature for the driver and passengers.