Replacing the engine control unit

In the past, in the event of a vehicle breakdown, the location of the fault was not easy, and it was often necessary to dismantle some parts of the engine to see which one had failed.

It was also not easy to locate various smaller problems that could lead to a more serious fault in the future. This could, for example, be the wear of some key elements that, for example, caused a drop in pressure or improper combustion of the mixture. Modern cars have many different sensors that allow you to quickly locate faults and respond to changes. The computer can also adapt some parts to certain changes, for example, they can be throttles, which can wear out over time, then the role of the computer will be to choose a different range of opening them.

The computer can provide us with various information about faults and irregularities. It can show them on the dashboard, or it can be read after connecting an external computer with specialized software.

Regardless of the differences between different car models and different controllers, the input data in each system remains almost always the same. The computer is designed to supply fuel and regulate emissions, but oversees many other processes in the car. The engine computer usually monitors and adjusts the throttle position sensor, which tells the engine how much air and fuel to mix to produce power. It monitors the coolant temperature sensor, which informs when the engine overheats, then warns the driver by means of the instrument panel lamp. It also acts as a voltage regulator, which tracks and regulates the amount of power transmitted in the car. Another task is to control fuel injectors that deliver fuel at the right time for optimal power delivery. Supervises camshaft and crankshaft position sensors that identify engine cycles, as well as a mass air flow sensor and an intake manifold pressure sensor. The system also has an oxygen sensor that measures the quality of the exhaust gas, or a valve sensor that also helps in controlling emissions and controlling ignition that regulates spark plugs. All data flows to the engine controller in real time, so the control unit must process data on a regular basis and react to changes. However, the engine computer itself can be damaged, then driving a car can be dangerous or simply impossible, because the computer will not ignite. Then the motor controller must be repaired immediately, you can buy a new module or try to repair a broken one. It is quite a complicated electronic device that is supervised by specialized software. Therefore, repair will not always be easy, because you need to take care of electronic components, but also upload new software and calibrate the entire system accordingly. However, this can only be done by a qualified service provider. Alternatively, you can purchase a substitute at