Gearbox control unit AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN, SEAT, SKODA

300_300_productGfx_6555526bbd9a15d0bc2b6cab6751aa1f[1]There is a very large number of electronic systems installed in present day cars moving on our roads. In most cases any new or several year old car is equipped with various controllers and modules that control particular subassemblies. Obviously, this has both strong or weak points. The better ones include easier and significantly faster troubleshooting. Proper diagnostics allows computer error code to be read, thus significantly faster identification and clearing a problem. The disadvantageous side of the use of modern electronics in our cars may be its high price. this will refer to all vehicles equipped with an extremely sensitive electronics.

Gearbox control unit

A modern gearbox controller included into an electronic drive unit in many modern cars is one of its most important components. Due to an effective controller and proper adjustment of gearbox oil it is possible to change gear much more easier. Any damage to the gearbox controller has an extremely adverse effect on gearbox operation causing hard gear changing. Effective operation of the gearbox controller is able to provide proper oil distribution within the gearbox. Any fault of oil controller may significantly affect gearbox operation. At this point it should be noted that any damage to the gearbox controller significantly increases the risk of gearbox failure in your vehicle.

To avoid such serious failure it is reasonable to consider controller replacement in advance. Obviously such replacement involves the purchase of new component. On the today’s automotive market there is a very large number of car service websites where used parts and subassemblies are offered. Visiting you are sure that only proven parts are present, including gearbox controllers. The perfectly prepared offer includes controllers for various car brands. You can easily find gearbox controllers for Audi, Opel or Megane.