Air throttle – replacement or repair?

Owners of vehicles with a problem with throttle operation may choose to repair or replace the throttle.

The main task of the repair is to clean the throttle and this is the best solution when we hope that this part will continue to function successfully for a while. If, however, everything indicates that the throttle is more damaged, it will have to be replaced. The air damper costs several hundred zlotys, so it is quite a cost. Additionally, such a throttle requires replacement in a professional workshop, which generates an additional expense of about PLN 200 or 300. If we can replace this part on our own, we can save a lot.

Is it profitable to repair the air damper?

What many car owners do not know is that the throttle can be repaired on their own and in many cases repair can be done very quickly. The most common cause of a car’s throttle malfunction is dirty. When such a situation occurs, the damper must be removed and its contacts cleaned. Then we will also enable the supply of electricity and the throttle should start working. If, despite all efforts, we do not see a positive result, the throttle should be replaced with a new one. In the case of repair or replacement, it depends on whether we plan to use the vehicle even longer or whether we are going to sell it in the near future. If we plan to sell the car, a better solution is certainly to temporarily improve throttle operation by cleaning it. If, however, we want to use it longer, the throttle should be replaced with a new one. This part can be purchased, for example, in the shop , where there is a really large selection of dampers from various manufacturers and we can easily find one that meets the requirements.