Air suspension and its essential characteristics

In the case of the automotive industry, we are dealing with a vast industry covering many types of cars, functioning thanks to the use of various technical solutions. Fuel systems, brakes, engines, as well as suspension are important. The latter is a solution to support the weight of the cabin, the bodywork and the driver and passengers. This, in turn, translates into high comfort and safety when traveling. The suspension most often consists of a system of various metal elements, such as slats, springs or blocks. They are responsible for ensuring adequate clearance and shock absorption.

Basic information about air suspension

A large group of concerns specializing in the production of cars uses not only the standard metal suspension. An alternative design is a special air suspension. In its case, metal springs are replaced by cushions that are filled with air (this is what the system owes its name to). Depending on the level of inflation, it is possible to adjust the level of cushioning and ground clearance. Usually the car does this automatically.

In the construction of air suspension, the compressor mounted on the drive unit is very important. After starting the engine, it is responsible for filling the airbags with compressed air. The degree of inflation is controlled by a regulator that determines the cushioning and ground clearance based on the settings selected by the driver. The regulator is in turn controlled by a special electronic controller.

As with other types of components and mechanisms, air suspension regulators and their controllers can be damaged as a result of mechanical failures and failures caused by many negative factors. The complicated nature of such solutions makes the repair simple to replace the control unit with another one, for example using an offer such as It should be added that the market offers a lot of new drivers (original or substitutes), as well as a lot of decent used elements of this type.